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About us

Open Minds provide social activities in Nottingham and the east midlands for people with disabilities, who experience low self-esteem. We encourage a warm, friendly atmosphere in which to meet new people and enjoy their company.

At some point in our lives we all need fresh challenges and new experiences, if only to find out what we can do! For many disabled people this is of utmost importance as their condition often imposes limitations.

Our organisation has been run by disabled people since it began and many of those involved started as members and continue to enjoy the benefits of being members.


We aim to improve the lives of isolated, vulnerable people by providing a range of social activities and lifelong learning workshops. Most of our activities take place in the evenings or at weekends - times when our members feel the effects of isolation the most.  Activities are not limited to these times as you will see from looking at our timetable - we like to offer a varied timetable to meet members needs.

Over the years our service has been refined to target several groups of differing abilities in the group, for example, planning, organising and being supported by staff to serve the wide range of needs amongst our membership. Our planning group is responsible to all our members and takes into consideration their needs.

In planning and organising, we build on the abilities of our members so that they can volunteer elsewhere or take the first steps to furthering career prospects with a new found confidence. In any task that members complete an equal focus is placed on the communication skills involved.

"I don't know what I would do without this group.  I come here feeling down & I always leave with a big smile on my face - the people cheer me up no end." Tony, member since 1999

Who are we?

What are our aims & objectives?

Open Minds exists to support vulnerable disabled people living in Nottingham and the east midlands. Our membership and volunteer base has over the years developed as our profile has changed.

Nevertheless the welfare of our members is and will remain a priority. We aim to work alongside agencies that provide direct services like food and shelter enabling us to provide indirect services like meetings, workshops and lifelong learning events. The result is that we reduce competition for resources and avoid duplication.

In view of our vulnerable membership we were registered as a charity in 2000 (1079009) and have run core activities and projects since. We are run by a user led management committee and sub-committees, which are supported by local voluntary groups. As a “grass roots” organisation we are aware of the need to keep our management systems real and to the point.

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Registered chairty no: 1079009

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