"Creating Friendships"


About us

We encourage a warm, friendly atmosphere in which to meet new people and enjoy their company through a wide range of health and wellbeing activities.

At some point in our lives we all need fresh challenges and new experiences, if only to find out what we can do!




"I don't know what I would do without this group.  I come here feeling down & I always leave with a big smile on my face - the people cheer me up no end." Tony, member since 1999

Who are we?

What are our aims & objectives?


Open Minds exists to support vulnerable disabled people living in Nottingham and surrounding areas. Our membership and volunteer base has over the years developed as our profile has changed.

Nevertheless the welfare of our members is and will remain a priority.

We run core activities and projects with an emphasis on health and wellbeng. We are run by a user led management committee and sub-committees, which are supported by local voluntary groups. As a “grass roots” organisation we are aware of the need to keep our management systems real and to the point.

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Registered chairty no: 1079009

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We provide a person centred health and wellbeing service that supports an individual to live a fulfilling life in our community.  Our members all have learning disabilities and as a result feel isolated, so getting out and about is respite for them.


Our health and wellbeing services include:

Meeting/Workshop A large monthly group activity that occurs at weekends

Talk, Chat & Chill A mindfulness session with peer support dicsussion that occurs weekdays

Mates & Munchies  An action planning session that occurs weekdays

Mid Month Meeting Excursions to local areas of interest that occurs weekends

Coffee Mornings Informal sessions with peer support that occurs weekdays

1:1 Support Confidential sessions that occur on weekdays


Interdependency of activities

These activities always overlap in enabling themes to emerge.  For example; a large group activity will require an individual to manage their own boundaries and save confidential matters for a more private setting.  These activities have taken time to evolve and have come as a result of annual consultations.








Our Doughnut Model


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