"Creating Friendships"


Our workshops vary enabling you to do different things.  No month is ever the same as we try crafts, drumming, cookery, writing our own stories and telling tall tales.  For those who need a hand there is always a volunteer present.  

We get out and about locally, so Nottingham Comtemporary, Ferrari Garage and Attenborough Nature Reserve to name a handful of places.  Your feeling comfortable meeting new friends is important to us and Kelly our facilitator is always on hand to chat.

We support you to get to places that you might not always go.  We've been to Chatsworth, Bakewell and the National Space Centre to name but a few.  We want you to explore new horizons and tell us about those experiences.

"Share, link and discover

 new adventures"

End of Month Meeting

Outreach Group (Mid month)

New Horizons


We would like to know what you think about our activities, so why not come along and try one and see

Cookery Workshops

Social Outings

We believe that having fun preparing food is as important as a healthy diet to feeling good about ourselves.  The meals we prepare are simple, cheap and healthy.  You are welcome to come along.

We have lots of social outings which are members only with no staff members present.  This gives everyone the opportunity to form new friendships on their own terms.  We have meals out, bowling, cinema nights and special events like summer picnics.  

Mates & Munchies



This is a member led activity planning group where members decide where to go unaccompanied in order to establish independence.  

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