"Creating Friendships"


Doughnut Model

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Registered chairty no: 1079009


We provide a person centred health and wellbeing service that supports an individual to live a fulfilling life in our community.  Our members all have learning disabilities and as a result feel isolated, so getting out and about is respite for them.


Our health and wellbeing services include:

Meeting/Workshop A large monthly group activity that occurs at weekends

Talk, Chat & Chill A mindfulness session with peer support dicsussion that occurs weekdays

Mates & Munchies  An action planning session that occurs weekdays

Mid Month Meeting Excursions to local areas of interest that occurs weekends

Coffee Mornings Informal sessions with peer support that occurs weekdays

1:1 Support Confidential sessions that occur on weekdays


Interdependency of activities

These activities always overlap in enabling themes to emerge.  For example; a large group activity will require an individual to manage their own boundaries and save confidential matters for a more private setting.  These activities have taken time to evolve and have come as a result of annual consultations.








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