"Creating Friendships"

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The end of month meeting is split into different sections allowing members to access arts and crafts, games, technology sessions as well as guest speakers on certain subjects.  With a varied programme no month is ever the same as one month we could be having an easter themed craft session, the next a musical instrument session and the next month having a story teller in to entertain us!  This is a more chilled out session that is suitable for everyone.

This mid month group focuses on getting out and about in the local community , encouraging a “healthy life” perspective whereby we help members to make decisions on food/ exercise/ wellness in order to learn everyday and new skills to enrich their everyday lives.  Getting out and about in the fresh air and promoting independence is paramount for this group and is the major draw.  We have had many exciting adventures at Attenborough Nature Reserve, Nottingham Castle, Ferrari Garage, Art Galleries and ghost walks to name but a few!  

This is a supported activity for members to access places they are not able to get to by themselves, or do an activity which requires support.   The focus is around reducing isolation and encouraging people to explore new horizons and therefore develop their knowledge and life.

"Share, link and discover

 new adventures"

End of Month Meeting

Outreach Group (Mid month)

New Horizons


Open Minds runs many activities to cater to everyones tastes.  We try and encourage everyone to attend each one to begin with so that you can decide which ones you enjoy the most.

Talk, Chat & Chill

Social Outings

These sessions are designed to fit in with our healthy lifestyle objectives.  Each session is split into 3 parts; meditation, mindfulness and colouring chill.  We start off with our yoga mats practising our anxiety guided meditation before working our way through our mindfulness exercises before finishing with some colouring in as we chill out and chat about the world around us.  The aim is to leave feeling relaxed whilst also learning new relaxation techniques to assist at home with anxiety and depression.

At Open minds we have lots of social outings which are members only with no staff members present.  This gives everyone the opportunity to form new friendships on their own terms.  With many different activities on offer there really is something for everyone to entertain you in the evenings.  We have meals out, bowling, cinema nights and special events like summer picnics.  These are a great way to socialise and get you out and about.

Cookery Workshops

These are run throughout the year and give members the opportunity to learn more about the food we eat, how to budget and how to cook healthy meals for themselves.  Once we have cooked and cleaned away we always set the table ready to enjoy the food we've made whilst having a good old natter!

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