"Creating Friendships"




We supported Bobby to make new friends during his time with us.  He has met lots of new people that he sees at our activities.


In our one to one work with Sue, Bobby has researched and fulfilled one of his aims in life to become a blood donor.

He has taken part inlots of activities and developed interest byond Open Minds.


He has developed a magic act at Nottingham Guild of Magicians and published a book about the challenges he has overcome.

Tom comes to our activities with the support of carers.  On occasion his Mum and Dad drop by to catch up with everyone.


Tom is very active inside and outside the group and is part of a local choir.

"Sharing and discovering

 new adventures"

This is Bobby.

This is Tony.

This is Tom.

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This is Jacky.

Jacky's favourite activities are art and cookery workshops.  She is often seen bossing around the volunteers and sneaking home some extra nibbles from the cookery workshops!

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