"Creating Friendships"

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Bobby needed support to overcome barriers to making new friends.  During his time at Open minds he now has a wide circle of friends with whom he meets on a regular basis outside of planned events as well.  Bobby contributes to our peer support group. and has become a more open and talkative individual during his time with us.

Bobby tries to attend every activity at Open Minds and finds Start the Week a great portal to discussing issues that concern him, whilst Talk, Chat & Chill has provided him with techniques to reduce anxiety and stress.  Bobby has worked hard on his own and with the support of Open Minds and it's "healthy you" campaign to lose weight and is delighted with the results as is his doctor!

Open Minds supported Tony to develop and realise interests in previous project work. As a result he has made a name for himself not only as an author with one book already published detailing his journey through life since a biking incident in his youth but also as a magician!

With a second book being written as we speak and many magic shows booked in up and down the country Tony is living proof that with a little bit of help and a lot of hard work you can achieve anything!

Tony and Bobby are just two members of the Open Minds Family.  Reading their stories gives you an insight into how we have encouraged and supported both of them over the years.  

Each member is different and unique and we celebrate that at Open Minds.  To truly understand what wecan offer you come along and join in!

"Sharing and discovering

 new adventures"

This is Bobby.

This is Tony.

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